I’ve Combined Two Hobbies So Decorated Soap Became A Part Of Watercolor Painting

Do you like hot air balloons? 🙂 There is some kind of magic in them, isn’t there? Views that you can see during your flight are so breathtaking as the landscape itself.

So for me, the theme with air balloons is incredibly interesting and amazing, so here’s a part of my paintings and decorative soap dedicated to it.


My name is Kate, I’m a watercolor painter and a soap maker. About two years ago I decided to combine these two hobbies and start making soap with my watercolor paintings which were printed on special water-soluble paper – you can see some of them in this post.

This time I made a new combination: I painted a watercolor background and added several soap bars to it! So I got a watercolor painting complemented with balloon-shaped soap.

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Soap And Watercolor

Image credits: Magnifera

Image credits: Magnifera

Decorated soap bars with pictures

Image credits: Magnifera

Image credits: Magnifera

Bagan, Myanmar

Image credits: Magnifera

Image credits: Magnifera

Landscape with hot air balloons

Image credits: Magnifera

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