I Tried Building A Super Bowl Snack Stadium To Impress My Game Day Guests

I cherish the opportunity to get together with the people I love. It can be family or friends. The occasion can be big or small.


I may be an introvert, but I love to throw a party. It feels good for both the creative and logical side of my brain. I also love sports. Football wasn’t always my go-to, but thanks to fantasy sports, I learned to love the game. My love for entertaining and love for sports find one Sunday a year to live in perfect harmony. And that, of course, is Super Bowl Sunday.

I’ll admit that prior to developing an interest in football, I was totally a “just watching for commercials” viewer.

The more invested I get in the game, though, the more invested I get in putting out a good spread for my guests. In years past, I’ve taken a few different approaches. I’ve gone with fancy apps, just chips and beer, and everything in-between. This year, I wanted to step it up.

I remember being in awe of the snack stadiums some patient and crafty people posted to Instagram last year. I never thought I could pull one off myself, though. As I revisited them this year, I changed my attitude. Why couldn’t I pull it off? It just takes planning, staging, and some consideration of the perfect mix of snacks. I like to feel like I’ve pulled off harder-to-accomplish endeavors before.

First off, I needed to figure out what I’d use to house the snacks themselves. There were a lot of different techniques out there, from intricate wooden frames to upcycled cardboard. I settled for something in the middle, using a combination of aluminum and upcycled cardboard. Naturally, it wasn’t as easy as I thought. Trying to maintain stability from the time I put it together to the time I filled it was a feat in itself. Would it maintain structural integrity as I added delicious goodies to it? See for yourself how it all went down — or stayed up.

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