Indonesian Digital Artist Aditya Aryanto Photoshops Animals Into Surreal, Silly, And Unexpected Situations (50 Pics)

Have you ever wanted to see things from a new perspective? Well, these artworks will help you do exactly that. This 23-year-old Indonesian digital artist Aditya Aryanto photoshops animals to look weird and surreal. Most of his work shows mashups of creatures and nature, animals getting into silly and unexpected situations or just transformed into a completely different shape altogether.

The artist told Bored Panda that he likes editing pictures of animals because they all have different characteristics and patterns. He incorporates unique motives the animals have, for example, the fur and skin of zebras, giraffes, and tigers. The artist also pointed out that he loves to experiment, and that is noticeable in his work. He mentioned that he gets most of his inspiration and references from stock photos and on the social media platform, Behance.


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