How to Make DIY Infused Honey

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If you’ve ever wandered over to the Fancy Stuff In Jars section of the grocery store, you’ve likely come across infused honey.

These are not just regular old jars of honey, oh no. Infused honey is a step above. It often features decadent, all-natural flavors (like lavender or truffles), is beautifully packaged, and costs an arm and a leg.

But guess what? Infused honey is incredibly easy to make on your own – for much less money.  The process is so simple that it hardly even requires a recipe. You don’t have to use fancy ingredients like lavender or truffles, either. You can make a tasty infused honey with whichever herbs and spices you have lying around, from chile to chamomile.

It tastes delicious, and it makes an impressive gift.

Infused honey is lovely for adding to tea or other hot drinks, like hot toddies. You can also add infused honey to oatmeal, baked goods, toast, and cheese plates. Some infused honey, like lemon, even has a medicinal purpose – it’s helpful for battling colds and the flu.

I’m a huge tea drinker, so I use honey every single day. Every morning, I make a cup of chai or ginger tea with plenty of honey and milk. It’s a cornerstone of my breakfast routine.

When I realized that I could elevate my tea with my own infused honey for little to no cost, it was a no-brainer. I knew I had to try it. So, I took a gander at my spice cabinet for some inspiration. The options were seemingly limitless. Cinnamon? Clove? Ginger? Peppermint?

In the end, I couldn’t pick just one type of infused honey, so I made two: ginger-turmeric-infused honey and lemon-infused honey. I’ll explain my recipe for each. You can use these recipes to make your own infused honey with your add-ins of choice.

For either recipe, you’ll need a clean glass jar, honey, and of course, your flavorful add-ins. You may also need a small pot and strainer.

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