Pet Owners Can Collect And Bank Their Pet’s Stem Cells With Gallant

Getting a puppy is an exciting time for a pet parent. Usually, people are excited to live in the moment with a new member of the family.

Just like with a human baby, however, you need to take the future into consideration. For pet parents, that means checkups, pet insurance, and getting the little one spayed or neutered. A new service from Gallant, an animal biotech company on a mission to help pets live healthier and happier lives, offers an additional consideration — stem cell banking for your pet.

Gallant’s stem cell banking service launched just a few weeks ago, but it’s already creating some major buzz.

The company has acquired the veterinary division of Cook Regentec. The acquisition includes its intellectual property, existing stem cell banking operations, and pipeline of cell therapy products derived from reproductive tissue. Its patent-pending process allows stem cells to be collected at the time of a standard spay or neuter procedure, which is great news for pet parents who don’t want to put their fur babies through any further invasive procedures.

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