Speech Language Pathologist Uses Soundboard So Her Dog Can Talk

Many pet parents wish their furbabies could talk. Sure, they can communicate with us through barks and meows and whines and howls.

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what they’re really saying, though? One dog mom has taken a step toward making that a reality. Christina Hunger is a 26-year-old speech pathologist. She’s devised an adaptive soundboard to help her 18-month-old dog, Stella, communicate her needs, thoughts, and feelings.

Whenever Stella, a Catahoula Blue Heeler mix, wants to “talk” to Christina, she uses the soundboard. Christina has recorded a number of words and phrases and programmed them to buttons.

Stella simply steps on the button to communicate. Christina developed the system based on adaptive devices she uses with some of her one and two-year-old clients to help them communicate.

It’s taken some work to get Stella familiar with the board, but Christina is amazed at the progress she’s already made. She’s been using the device since Stella was eight-weeks-old and says her vocabulary is currently similar to that of a two-year-old.

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