Artist Ed Harrington Is Ruining Our Childhoods By Revealing The Secret Lives Of Our Beloved Characters (35 Pics)

Illustrator and cartoon artist Ed Harrington has been creating a series of images that can ruin some of your best childhood memories. Harrington takes our favorite pop culture characters and tries to guess what they do when they’re not working, revealing their secret private lives. Have you seen Ariel getting ready to eat Nemo? He-Man straightening his hair? Or Chewbacca shaving his legs? Well, you’re about to.

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Once you hear about his past, it’s easy to understand why Harrington’s works are so well executed. He studied illustration and graphic design at Virginia Commonwealth University and has worked as a graphic designer/illustrator/cartoonist for the past 20 years.

“[I have] no real ‘idea’ to this series — I just try to draw things that I like and find funny,” he told Bored Panda. “Usually, I just think about how life might be different or difficult for [these characters]. Like, how Skeletor probably can’t drink or whistle since he has no soft tissue or lips around his mouth. Or I like to think about parts of a character that we never get to see and what might have been hidden from us all this time.”

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