I Made A DIY Recipe Binder And It Changed The Way I Plan Meals

Most of us could use a little help when it comes to tackling the endless task of putting together daily meals, but since the vast majority of us can’t afford a personal chef, and going out for dinner every night is pretty rough on the wallet, meal planning and prep might be your best bet.

To make the meal prep process easier, I decided to try making a DIY recipe binder (I got the idea from Living Well Mom).

“A DIY recipe binder is a convenient way to sort the recipes many of us print from online,” the site says. Using a binder means you can also pop in any cookbook photocopies or handwritten recipes that have been passed down to you on little worn-out, food-stained cards (surely I’m not the only one who has those lying around).

The website also says, “A recipe binder is perfect because you easily add/remove recipes whenever you want.

You can also change or move categories around too.” Since my current monthly menu has gotten a bit repetitive, and my family is eating tacos, spaghetti, and chicken tenders far more often than we probably should be (although honestly, who doesn’t love tacos, spaghetti, and chicken tenders?), I liked the idea of being able to add and remove recipes as I came across new ones that I wanted to try and — if they were a success — permanently include in the binder.

To make the process incredibly easy, Living Well Mom provides free recipe binder sheets that you can simply print off (seven sheets in total: the cover page, three category pages, one tabs page, and two design-only pages to add a little pizzazz to the side of your binder). These are an easy way to record your favorite recipes and keep them in the same format.

Take a look below to find out how my own DIY recipe binder turned out and how it helped (if it helped at all) my meal planning.

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