Here’s A Crocheted Child Baby Amigurumi That You Can Make Yourself

Ever since the first appearance of Baby Yoda in “The Mandalorian” series on Disney+, the internet has been buzzing like a very busy beehive. It seems Baby Yoda has even put aside the adorable cats and dogs of the Internet and taken all of the possible attention for himself. After seeing the show, some people showed off their sense of humor and meme making skills by creating various jokes, some turned to arts and crafts to express their love for the adorable character. Crochet artist Allison Hoffman was one of those artsy souls. She turned to her favorite craft and made an adorable Child Baby Amigurumi doll that’s surprisingly accurate and immensely adorable!

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This adorable Child Baby Amigurumi was crocheted by Allison Hoffman

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Allison taught herself crocheting back in 2007 using YouTube tutorials and got so good at it, she started publishing her first patterns of The Gabba Gabba Dolls in March 2008 and now it’s her full-time job. She says she probably spends more time on it than she should but as long as it brings her happiness, it’s all fine. She is a published author as well, having released her first book back in 2013.

Allison has been doing crochet for 12 years now

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

She even has her own book of patterns that has been published

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Allison says most of her dolls are 12″ tall and it usually takes around 10 hours to create one. You can actually purchase her pattern and make a Child Baby Amigurumi like this as well! For those who want to get into crocheting, she advises on starting out by following some simple YouTube tutorials. She herself has some free patterns that are perfect for beginners. The most important thing, as per usual, is just to get started!

She says it usually takes her around 10 hours to crochet one doll

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Anyone who wants this cute Baby Yoda can make it themselves too!

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

She has a pattern available for anyone to buy online as well

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

Image credits: Allison Hoffman

People were amazed by her adorable creation

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