Cut Your Turkey Cook Time In Half This Thanksgiving With These Tips

Thanksgiving is a great holiday, but there’s one person who often gets the short end of things. The person responsible for cooking will spend hours and hours in the kitchen in the days leading up to the holiday, as well as the big day itself.

According to celebrity chef Jonathan Waxman, it doesn’t have to be that way. He’s sharing his tips for quick and painless Thanksgiving prep.

When it comes to the turkey, Jonathan says it can be done in half of the typical time by making some smart choices. “Get your butcher to cut it in half and remove the backbone,” he told Inside Edition. This cuts down the cooking time by more than half. He claims using this method makes the average cook time only about 90 minutes in a 400 degree F oven.

When it comes to preparing the turkey for the oven, Jonathan has recommendations as well. “Put some salt on top, do some olive oil, I’ll do some pepper, sprinkle it all over,” he said. Of course, don’t forget to baste the turkey about halfway through that cook time.

Jonathan also has some helpful recommendations when it comes to the sides. “I tell everyone to shake it up every year,” he said. “Take two dishes you make every year and throw them out the window and get two new dishes.”

Instead of time-consuming mashed potatoes, Jonathan recommends a crispy alternative. He says to gently drop the pieces of cooked potatoes in a pot of sizzling canola oil and add rosemary for extra flavor, which takes only about five to eight minutes. For more creative ideas from Jonathan, check out the video!

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