I Made a DIY Holiday Centerpiece And It’s All About Festive Fun

When the holidays roll around and it’s time to indulge in the holly jolly vibe, I want it ALL. I’m not talking about presents (although those are nice too), I’m talking about decorations.

If I had a bigger budget, I would set up a display on my front lawn that would rival any over-the-top installation. I would put up a Christmas tree in every room of my house, wrap garland around every possible fixture, and cover every surface with festive trinkets.

But since I’m not related to the Kardashians and can’t match their level of awe-inspiring seasonal extravagance, I have to keep things on a slightly smaller scale — which is why I decided that this year, I would make myself a DIY holiday centerpiece.

Both affordable and something that I can fit on my dining room table, it seemed like a reasonable yet adorable option, which made it an irresistible activity that I couldn’t wait to try.

When I glanced at the internet to find some inspiration, there were seemingly endless seasonably-themed versions that would suit every preference and any budget. If you were so inclined, you could focus on a snowman-filled scene that is centered in a winter wonderland. Or you could re-create the North Pole and feature Santa Claus and his elves making toys in the workshop for all of the children on the nice list. You can design a centerpiece that includes anything festive, from candy canes and reindeer to Christmas trees and tiny presents.

Frankly, there were so many options that I felt a little overwhelmed while trying to plan out my centerpiece ahead of time, so I decided to ditch any hardcore preparation and keep things more spontaneous. Although I wanted my end result to look good, I primarily wanted this to be a fun activity that I would not only enjoy but hopefully want to do again.

With that in mind, I set off to find the items that I would include in my DIY holiday centerpiece.

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