One Woman Caught Her Dog Walker Stealing From Her On Camera

It’s the stuff of nightmares: What do you do when someone you’ve hired comes into your home and steals from you?

One New York woman was confronted with exactly the scenario. She hired a dog walker before heading out for dinner one night and ended up getting a lot more than she bargained for. With the help of a camera in her home, she caught her dog walker stealing several items from her, including a coat that cost $1,000.

“I was at dinner as it was happening, and I was watching it live and I was screaming while I was in the restaurant,” the womand said. “I’m pretty sure that anyone who was in the restaurant was wondering what was going on, because I was livid,” admitted the woman.

“I was panicking, and I had to leave dinner immediately.”

In the footage, the dog walker is seen walking into what is assumed to be a bedroom and retrieving a purse that doesn’t belong to her. She then heads toward the front closet and pulls out an expensive coat with a fur collar. When the woman activates an alarm via her security app, the dog walker hurriedly tosses the coat back inside the closet and leaves the apartment with the handbag tucked inside her own belongings.

At that point, the homeowner began screaming, “Take my purse out of your bag! Take my purse out of your bag!” at the dog walker, but she was stunned to see the dog walker continue to walk out of her home with her purse.

Unfortunately, she will not be reimbursed for the stolen purse by the dog walking company unless she can produce a receipt. She was, however, refunded the cost of the dog walking that apparently never happened.

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