Puppy With Unicorn Tail Between His Eyes Becomes Online Sensation

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Narwhal, a 10-week-old puppy, was found wandering on the side of a rural road in Jackson, Missouri. He had frostbite and worms, but was determined to hang in there and start his new life.

The adorable dog was taken to Mac’s Mission, a shelter dedicated to rescuing dogs with disabilities, birth defects, and/or abusive pasts.

Rochelle, the founder of Mac’s Mission, took one look at Narwhal and lit up with joy.

You see, Narwhal is a completely normal pup — save for the “bit of flair on his face.”

That flair is an extra tail tucked between two eyes. This small, floppy piece of fur doesn’t wag like a typical tail, but if it did, it would likely have to be removed.

“If it wags that means it would be connected to his skull and there would be bones and nerves and the potential for us to have to remove it,” Rochelle told KTVI.

Though Narwhal’s vet has never seen anything like this “unicorn tail” before, and says it’s harmless, he told Rochelle he wanted to remove it for cosmetic reasons.

However, Rochelle is celebrating Narwhal’s differences — and now this special little puppy has become a total online sensation.

Footage provided by KTVI St. Louis

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