This Lonely Bison Had Her Life Change When She Finally Found A Friend

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Dogs and cats get an incredible amount of love and respect, but they’re not the only animals around that humans can relate to.

This story is all about a bison named Helen, who was literally the outcast of her animal sanctuary. That is, until one friend turned things around for her.

Helen lived at the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary in Oregon for years before making a connection with anyone. Unable to see, she stuck to herself. Surely, everyone’s felt this way before — isolated, at a disadvantage, and seemingly watching life pass by.

This story is proof that sometimes all it takes is one person (or in this case, calf) to make a difference.

Oliver the Jersey calf came along and took an interest in Helen, and the two have been close ever since. Even better, Helen’s outlook on life has changed. The bison and calf can be seen in numerous photos on the Lighthouse Farm Sanctuary Instagram page. In every shot together, it looks like they’re both smiling.

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