How To Make Homemade Face Wash With 4 Ingredients

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I made my own homemade face wash without buying a single ingredient at the store. I’m basically a genius — and with the cleanest face ever.

I have normal, “good” skin — it’s neither oily nor dry, and I rarely have breakouts. That’s probably why I’m very lazy with my skin care routine. Elaborate skin care regimens are all the rage right now, but my “regimen” continues to consist of just a few products — face wash, rose water, and whatever moisturizer I use on my body (usually this body butter or almond oil).

My normal, easy skin is also why I don’t like to use regular face wash. All my skin really needs is something gentle to cleanse away the grime from the day.

Many commercial face washes unnecessarily strip my skin dry. There’s only one that I love and use — it’s creamy, nonlathering, moisturizing, and, unfortunately, $10 a bottle. At this point, I’ve made a DIY version of pretty much every other home and body product, so recently I figured, why not give face wash a try?

I did my googling and discovered that a simple face wash is, like many things, surprisingly easy to make yourself. I was able to make mine without spending a single cent, though depending on your pantry, you may need to grab a couple items from the store.

I’m pretty loyal to my $10 store-bought face wash (to the point that I panic slightly whenever the bottle begins to run out), so I had high expectations for this DIY cleanser. I need a face wash that is gentle and moisturizing, yet still gets my face actually clean. I’m happy to say that my DIY version passes those tests with flying colors! And it was… free!

I used castile soap, olive oil, chamomile tea, and essential oil to make this homemade face wash. Here’s how you can, too.

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