Jimmy Fallon Asks Quarantined People To Share The Exact Moment They Knew They’d Gone A Bit Crazy From The Isolation (30 Pics)

At first, staying home seemed one heck of an easy task. It had it all—PJ’s all day without a sense of guilt, Netflix playing on repeat, and cocktail ‘o’ clock whenever you please. But it turned out, lockdown is a slippery business. A step too close from your home and you fall into the grips of cabin fever.

So when Jimmy Fallon announced his hashtag #IKnewIHadCabinFeverWhen challenge on Twitter, it struck a chord big time. People shared the moments they realized being housebound is not simply a game.

And the comedian wasn’t immune to the fever himself. “You’re like a son to me,” he whispered to his hand sanitizer. Let’s see what stories other people had to tell about climbing the walls during the lockdown. Don’t forget to upvote your favorites!

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