Top 10 Mayra Hills (Beshine) Facts – Woman with the largest fake boobs

German Mayra Hills is better known as “Beshine”. She claims to be the woman with the biggest fake breasts in the world. We present 10 facts and photos about this special lady.

Meet Beshine, a greman 36 year old woman with the largest fake boobsin the world

Each breast has 10,000 cc saline implants. Each breast therefore weighs around 10 kilograms

Beshine has to carry her 20 kilograms boobs all day long, that’s like lifting a seven-year-old child all day

Haar maten zijn 59-28-36. Probeer daar maar is een BH voor te kopen.

She puts on three bras when exercising. But they still break occasionally/h2>

She once had a 32A cup. She wanted bigger breasts and she still thinks her breast aren’t large enough, even though she already has the largest ones in the world

She can no longer sleep on her stomach or side

She has many fans. She posts videos of herself weekly on her website and asks $ 30 a month for this

There is a woman with natural breasts that are even larger than Beshine’s fake boobs. Annie Hawkins-Turner (aka Norma Stitz). He has a size 102ZZZ

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